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Grey Coyote Fur Hats

 Fur Trapper Unlined Coyote Fur Hat. Used by Trappers, Bikers, Outdoorsmen, Renaissance, OA, Dancers and Reenactors of all time periods.

Great quality. Drapes over shoulders and onto back. 

One of a kind Coyote Fur Hat. Handmade from only the Finest Pelts, these Fur Hats are Hand Sewn and Personally Signed by Johnny Beecroft.

Generally this size fits everyone. It is recommended that a Baseball Cap (minus the bill) be inserted so as not to damage the Fine Fur with body oils. This also makes the Fur Hat adjustable, as well as keeping the furs hair out of your eyes.

Face or Leather Bill can be put onto front of hat for a small fee.

Although item shown is stock photo. Actual items may vary slightly in size and color.
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