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red coyote vest
Coyote Vest
(STK# V01)

The arm holes are connected by a zip tie. That is not what its going to look like on you.
we zip tie them so that it don't get messed up in transport.

This vest has 3 coyote pelts on it.
One on each side, and one on the back.

There is also a coyote face on the back of the vest
(where the back on your neck goes)

The pelt on the back on the vest had a full body coyote with feet attached.

The measurements are approx. 51" long, and 19 inches wide

(long measurements are from collar to the tip of the tails on the bottom of the vest.
Wide measurements are from arm pit to armpit (or close as i could get to it))
The STK#'s are wrote on a tag that is already on the vest.
It is not actually wrote on the vest its self.

*Buyer assumes all responsibility for game laws.*

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Blue Rabbit Pelt
Large Blue Rabbit Pelt
STK# 0020

The piece of Rabbit fur is not one piece its a bunch of little ones sewn together.
The only way to tell that its not all one is to look at the back of the fur 

It would make a great conversational piece.
It does keep you warm somewhat. 

It is 43 inches long and 23 inches wide, with only like a quarter of an inch thick (if that).

*Buyer assumes all responsibility for game laws.*

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