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     When purchasing a Bow there are things that you should consider to help determine what Size and Kind of Bow that you should consider purchasing:
                 - Height
                 - Draw Length
​                 - Choice Of Poundage
                 - Bow Options 
     Believe it or not, Height has a Big Impact on what size Bow that will work best for you. You will need a Bow that is at Least as tall as you are, but it would be best if the Bow were taller than you. For instance, a 6 ft. tall Man would have a hard time using a Bow made for a 5 ft. Man, as the Draw Length would be too short, making the Bow break when used.
     The Average Draw Length of Men is usually about 28", Whereas Women on Average usually require a 27" Draw Length. If you do no know your Draw Length, don't worry. Most people don't. To measure your Draw Length, place a Yard Stick in the center of your chest. No reach out with both hands, fingers extended, and touch the Yard Stick. The farthest that you can reach is what is normally considered your Draw Length.
     The Average Bow Poundage for a Woman is between 30 & 35 lbs. Whereas the Average Bow Poundage for a Man is between 40 & 50 lbs.
You may chose to shoot a Heavier Poundage Bow, but just remember, when shooting in Practice or Competition, you will shoot between 40 & 75 targets, one...right...after...the other. Can you image shooting a High Poundage Bow that many times in a row? Neither can your back and shoulders. And believe me, they WILL tell you about it the next day,
     Yes, High Poundage Bows are Cool. Heck, I'll make you a Bow that's 75+ lbs if that's what you want. Just be ready for some High Poundage, Hard Pulling Action!
     And, By The Way, it has been proven that it takes nothing more than a simple 35 lb, Bow to bring down a Buck, It's not the Poundage of the Bow that makes the Hunt, it's the Marksmanship of the Person with the Bow.
    You have the options to purchase a Bow "Unfinished", '"Finished", With or Without a Leather Handle and Arrow Rest.
     Bows come "Unfinished", which has two coats of hand applied finish.
    A "Finished" Bow may be added to your order for a small additional fee. We will Hand Apply 10 Additional Coats of Finish, add an Arrow Rest and a Leather Handle.
     All Bows come with an Artificial Sinew String and Stringing Instructions, Commercially Built Strings are available at an Additional Charge.

     All Bows come with a Thirty Day Replacement Price Warranty. If the Bow breaks, for any reason, the Bow will be replaced for a small fee. If Breakage does occur, we will need pictures of the Handle Section and a small fee for Replacement. We will also require a current Mailing Address & Phone Number to Send the New Bow. Bows woill be replaced with Bows of the same Length, Poundage and Draw Length.