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Little About
The Johnny Beecroft Company

     At a very early age I became interested in Native American Crafts. I stayed with my Grandma and Uncle during the summers of my pre-teen years.. I helped them make Sterling Silver Jewelry, Arrowheads and many other crafts.
     In school I took seven years of Woodworking, Jewelry making and Leather craft classes. By 1981 I was employed by Tandy Leather Co., where I learned even more of the Native American crafts. While working for Tandy Leather I started going to Rendezvous and Pre-1850 time period Events as a salesman for the company.  
     The Rendezvous life seemed to have sparked an interest in me, leading me towards a simpler, more traditional life creating primitive items and weapons. This lead to the researching of my family’s genealogy where I found my family was well known as barrel makers or shingle makers. So it seems that woodworking was in my blood from very early times, dating back to the 1600’s.   
     In 1987, I started my own business and began making Bows. I loved doing it and have continued ever since. On the average I produce many, many Bows each year.
     I am always looking for a new challenge. If you want a Bow hand made especially for you, then I am the one to call. If you have a new idea for something or want something completely different, please let me know and I'll try to take on the challenge.
     History has proven that the Bow making challenges produce some of the best Bows I've ever made!